Delete Photo Recovery

  1. Check Recently Deleted or Trash Folder:
    • Most devices have a “Recently Deleted” or “Trash” folder where deleted items are temporarily stored before being permanently removed. Check this folder and restore the deleted photos if they are still there.
  2. Cloud Backup:
    • If you have a cloud backup service enabled (such as Google Photos, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.), check whether your deleted photos are available in the cloud. You can often recover them from the cloud storage.
  3. Restore from a Backup:
    • If you regularly back up your device, you may be able to restore the deleted photos from a previous backup. Connect your device to your computer and use the backup software to restore the necessary files.
  4. Photo Recovery Software:
    • There are various third-party photo recovery tools available for different operating systems. Examples include Disk Drill, PhotoRec, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, etc. Download and install a reputable photo recovery tool, and follow the instructions to scan for and recover deleted photos.
  5. Contact Support:
    • If you are using a specific device or service, consider reaching out to their customer support for assistance. They may have additional recommendations or tools to help you recover deleted photos.

Remember, the success of photo recovery depends on various factors, such as how much new data has been written to the storage device since the photos were deleted. The sooner you attempt the recovery, the higher the chances of success.

If you’re looking to permanently delete photos and ensure they cannot be recovered, you can use secure deletion tools or overwrite the storage space occupied by the deleted files. Be cautious when using such tools, as they irreversibly delete data.

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